with Arthur Lewis

allo peoples —

finally got kind of a downtime weekend.  everything that WAS supposed to go down’s been cancelled.  so i am enjoying a brief reprieve from immediate responsibilities.  and doing crazy shit like: cleaning my room.  and, in the process, remember all the shit i SAID i was going to do like four months ago before i started the crazed hustle that only a broke musician can know.

well along those lines, i figured i give some evidence that while there’s been basically nothing up on the site Kyle and I have been pretty busy.  while mostly we’ve been doing things on our own or with other project we did have one opportunity late-last year to play together on one project: Arthur Lewis’ CD release.

i may’ve mentioned arthur sometime back on this blog.  or maybe it was my blog… i can’t be sure, anymore.  but he’s a great singer, songwriter, and keyboard player out of new york and i personally love his shit.  we met through a mutual friend about two years ago and have sort of been aware of each other since.  Well, his EP — If We Were –is available on iTunes and such and if you can, you really should check the dude out.

in celebration of the EP coming out he had a concert back in September of ’08 (who can really remember that far back any more?  wasn’t George W. Bush still the President?).  and fortunately it was recorded.  on video!  and then: uploaded to youtube!!  i mean, how fantastic is that?!  i means i can now present you with… a couple of cuts from the concert.  i’m not sure if the whole set is up there, but it might be… i’ve definitely seen two or three songs floating around there.  but these two are two of my favorite joints we did that night.  if you watch the video you’ll see kyle in the upper right-hand corner.  i was just a little further to the right and didn’t make in on to the tape… but you can hear me if you listen for it.

the rest of the details are in the devil… or vice versa.  so check this out, peoples.  and, until nextime, its fats saying: stay funky.

Something Beautiful

Pefect Moment


the mimetiks: gearing up

oh! fats here, everyone. what a long, long, LOOOONG minute its been since we’ve had the opportunity to post here.  at this point: over a year.  its been a strange and unexpected hiadus, to be quite honest with you.  basically life jumped up and demanded recognition.  and so theMimetiks had to hit the back burner.

(i’m working on kyle to change up the site slightly, but to do that we need more copy — which is my job — and more material — which we finally do got some.)

in the long interim i’ve been here and there with other groups just generally playing out and learning some new shit.  but a couple of weeks ago we returned to Black Betty’s in Williamsburg for a latenight set and found a little bit of that old magic again.  things clicking into place.  tunes being remembered as the came down the pike.  new inventions arising form the ashes of 2008.

at this point there’s practically too much to tell.  or, really, its all too inchoate to be described.  we’re certainly gonna try to put something together for March.  and some of the other projects i’ve been working on have begun to involve some of theMimetiks usual suspects like Aaron Steele, Luke Notary, Zach Dunham.  expect little updates on those things too.

for a more in-depth rehashing of this past year look no further than my private blog at:

as i find out things, i will pass them on.  i’ve also recently pulled some old footage from past project out of storage.  much of it is progenitus to what eventually worked itself out into theMimetiks vibe.

lastly, i regret to report that Saje is closed… or it was and where it was, there is some other spot.  so we’re looking for a residency around this borough.  if you have any bright ideas… hit me up!


ps.  a hint of what’s to come…

ceci n’est pas la lune.

dear all —

some time back (like february of last year) you may remember Kyle and I were working on music for his sister’s senior theatre/dance thesis. well since i’m continually out of phase with such things i… was, uh, out of phase with it. and so i only just found out about the footage of the completed piece being available at googlevideos.

i had to wait one night to post this because, believe it or not, i hadn’t ever seen the finished production. the weekend of the event i think i had to play a gig in like Waubashau, NY or something… so i missed it. but wow. its very hip to see it all come together as it does here.

in the end Kyle and I were working from a rehearsal tape with Emma (Jaster) sort of running through bits of the piece and talking through the bits that weren’t yet certain/choreographed/blocked.

i don’t recall there being any props in the video we saw. it was all imaginary. and i also had no clue what the title meant (its apparently in a different language) but so: without any more nonsense from me. the video. the piece.

ceci n’est pa la lune

fats at The Falcon

Yo akie (aka the fat one aka fats) here.

just a bit of fun and games while jaster and i are working on some new… music for an apartment stuff… please enjoy. this is from a opening gig i did at in Marlboro for Taylor Eigsti and Julian Lage (it was a killer show!)

this was the set closer. and if you know me, i like to end sets with a feeling of: “oh… well…” back in the Foundation days we used to call it “the knock out music.” (which normally came after a long period of high energy explosiveness we used to call “the hay makers.”)

so. you may recognize some of this medley from mimetiks shows… with an extra-special ending thrown in. but can you name the song, my dearies?….

fats out.


snowy day at home

Hey folks,

well the sudden and unexpected snowiness prevented me from getting to kyle’s in time to do our Saje hit. still i made it over in good enough time for us to futz around with the music software and pull out the old keyboards and things.

what will come of this? who can say…

(…though that who might be wise to mention, first, that we are once again making music — in an apartment.)


beyond the pale

Good morning soul singers:

Akie here again. Just checking in before the Thanksgiving break. We should be back at November’s end with some hip new music and ideas and concepts and all that good stuff. for now, i give you a track i don’t THINK we’ve released yet. from an aborted Hip Hop Open Mic project at Brooklyn Exposure. We were supposed to play background music to a gaggle of MCs. but no MCs showed up. so i kyle told me to sing the night out. tired and un-enthused as i was, i did so. The drummer for that night was the young gun, Aaron ‘juse’ Steele. and so, we got a little something nice from the occasion.
Expect to hear more from Aaron in future. Need I speak to significance of the name?

without further ado:

Valentines Day


ah… the keeping

its wednesday, finally! and some things keep going well and something just keep going. i’m gonna keep it brief because there is much to be done today. so…. how about something unexpected?

acoustic, even?

the closer/anthem


Mimetiks on Vacation

hey all!

yeah we’re taking a break from gigging for a couple of weeks to get our heads together. and get our plans set for the winter. some of us (the fat one) have to get ready to hibernate, others have to insulate their french doors, or baby-oil massage their drum heads. we need to do some writing. and some recording. and other things as well. so the beginning of novemeber will be a Mimetiks-less zone. we will NOT be at Saje on for at least the first two Sundays of the month. and probably not at Brooklyn Exposure, either.

have no fear, dear listeners, i will keep you a breast of the situation. and stop by with timely quotations and music-gifts. all free as usual. free and clear and under control.

akie (the fat one)

mimetiks! live

Its been a crazy couple of weeks, good people. recently we returned to Brooklyn Exposure to play a big-n-loud nighttime show. and it was, as always, liberating and maddening and exciting and peculiar. we may begin a series of shows there as October wears on.

but that’s future news. what’s hip right now is right now. and right now I’m talking about the 16th of September. When the planets aligned in such a way that when Luke, Kyle, and I hit for our usual sunday brunch at Saje, we were seeing red. the tunes all came alive of their own accord and thrust us, unsuspectingly in to funky paradise.

it sounded so nice to our ears that we figured, O what the hell. Let’s put the entire show up and damn brevity. (needless to say it took some time to get it all mixed down right and uploaded… but the wait is over. its been not quite a month, but well over a fortnight.)

so without further ado: i give you the entire concert from 9.16.07 at the Saje Cafe — in Brooklyn.


1. the flood

2. good to my soul

3. waiting for you

4. impromptu/bittergarden#4

5. we’ll know

6. watchout

7. autumn nocturne

8. opus 916

9. the keeper

here’s that rainy day

as if in prescient preparation for this day, sunday’s show was a stripped down duo-fest. because luke had a gig elsewhere Kyle and I showed up at Saje on the nineteenth of august with little to do. we started out, infact, thinking it wouldn’t be worth recording the show. off-handedly jaster suggested to me we do some jazzy stuff. little did he know: i was still in jazz-mode full-tilt because of gigs on friday and saturday night. i brought in the music stand and the leadsheets and even some “obscure” lyrics for the fun of things.

well the first set went so well, that we decided to break and try to jimmy something up so that we could record. apparently some cords were missing. and, the rest is probably best categorized under: music for apartments – acoustic.

it had been my wish to simply post the entirety of the two sets we did manage to record from sunday. but when i thought about it, i realized that might be a hell of a lot of material to listen to. to write about, etc, etc. so we’ll hold on to it for later occasions. (it’ll come in handy, i’m sure…)

so highlights, anyone?


this one was just so necessary. i don’t see how we could have not played this tune. i found the leadsheet giving us the somewhat confusing bridge and we launched into it. one of the best compliments you can receive for such a gambit is that it “looked” like we were reading it, but people weren’t sure… because it sounded like something we’d played before. well, we have and we haven’t. so i hope this serves as a hint to the kind vibe that afternoon.

i recently learned this one for a gig at the Monticello casino in Liberty, NY. its one of Stevie’s greatest ballads. why i haven’t just sat down and learned the entire Wonder catalogue… well i don’t know. listen for the super-ECM-like-piano-solo… very period. like played by a white guy in a dashiki and in the 70s. (don’t think i don’t work on odd shit like that)

valentinesday medley
its just a favorite. we’ve been doing this one since the last october, when we figured out the arrangement during a weeklong journey to maine and back again. (see entry the shipMimetik)

Osamu is the sunday morning chef at Saje. and a solid jazz guitarist in his own right. during the first set break he said noticed we were going for the jazzier side of things. he asked if we did Body and Soul. to be honest, i don’t think i’ve ever sung the song. but i have accompanied people on it dozens of times, and i love to call it at jam sessions. i happened to have the lyrics handy… so we did it.
… and the food was excellent.

during the course of the afternoon we did generate some new original material. to keep things on the up and up, we figured it might be nice to have originals in the mix. don’t want to just become a lounge band. or a soul cover duo. so listenatall. remember this one, anyone? bittergarden? bembe? ah well, whatever.